Monday, May 4, 2009

Brewers Win 5 of 7 On Homestand

The Crew split their 4 game series with the DiamondBacks this weekend and leave for Pittsburgh with a .500 record. It was an extended weekend of ups and downs. Friday's game was tough to swallow. Had the umpire not botched a call late in the game, Milwaukee could've had a better shot of winning the entire series. It appears AM620 is taking this a wee-bit too far. It was a botched call. It's going to happen. Although it was a pretty f*$#@ked up call.

Friday's Game Arizona 5 - Milwaukee 2
Saturday's Game Arizona 4- Milwaukee 1
Sunday's Game Arizona 3 - Milwaukee 4

Trevor Hoffman is now 3 for 3 in saves. I don't know if this will last the entire season, but his location and control is phenomenal right now. In yesterday's game, The Hoff decided to open up on the DBacks with fastballs, deciding to put his custom change-up to the side. Considering the fact that the Arizona has faced Trevor many times...he decided to "Play with their heads".

Hey, Mike Cameron-haters, how's the Melky trade idea looking now? You morons. This past off-season I have a number of friends and acquaintances who all called for Cam to be traded. "He strikes out too much"...."He's too old"....."He isn't a strong clubhouse leader"....
Now they are all eating dirt. Cam also hit a solo homerun yesterday...
The fact of the matter is that Cam will strike out a lot this season. He will also have a number of slumps. That's in his nature. But, Mike Cameron will also be blasting 25-30 home runs out of the park this season. So...I will take that over some hack named Melky. Although Melky has been playing decent as of late, filling in.

Brad Nelson is 2-25 in his career. He is 0-18 thus far in 2009. Thankfully, Macha finally wised-up and yanked him out of the game. It proved to be a great move, as Chris Duffy came in at LF and drove home the winning run in JJ Hardy. Two unsung role players who have yet to really contribute this season. His stats state that he weights 266. I'm calling BS on that one. As a fat-body myself, I can tell you that he is closer to 285-290. Which would be fine...if he could hit the ball out of the park. Duffy was filling in for the resting-Ryan Braun, who had back tightness. Let's hope that's not code for an abdominal strain. It was also Ryan Braun bobble head day. So all the weird sports fans who only show up to games only to collect these lovable kids toys, were Braun less.

Dave Bush looked impressive until the 7th inning. That's when things blew up in his face. Why did Macha continue to leave in Bush after the first homerun? That's my biggest concern. Unless Bushy has a no-no going in to the 7th, he should've been on a short leash. He wasn't, and it almost cost Milwaukee the game and the series.

The Crew flew in to Pittsburgh late last night and are preparing themselves for a short 2-game series with the Pirates. The media seems to think that "there is no love lost" between the two teams. If you ask me, Milwaukee shouldn't even waste their time in feuding with this team. Show some of this hostility that you have with the Pirates, and have it roll over in to the weekend with the Cubs. The Cubs and Cards are the teams you should have "no love lost", not some bush league team that hasn't been to the playoffs since I was squirt.
Here is a PA's paper view on the upcoming series.

In following behind Jeremy Jeffress, Brewer prospect Pedro Lambertus was suspended for pissing hot. It appears that Mr Lambertus was taking performance enhancing drugs.

Flash Gordon suffered a strain left hamstring in yesterdays loss to Milwaukee. I can't believe he's still pitching...

oh...and the NBA playoffs are going on...woo-who.

HERE are the pitching match-ups for the upcoming 2-game series' in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.

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