Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Carp and Gallardo go toe to toe

What a game yesterday. Thankfully I was in attendance to see probably one of the best pitchers duel I have ever seen (in-person). Carpenter and Gallardo kept even with each other up until the 6th inning when Yo gave up a hit. Carp's hit came in the 7th. The most interesting thing about yesterdays game is that Gallardo threw 130+ pitches, while Carp had 90 (give or take). I think I saw Carps pitch count at 29 in the 4th, but I could be wrong.

Brewer bats were silent until the 7th inning when Craig Counsell hit a single, but was then thrown-out in a poorly executed hit and run. Mike Cameron also added a hit in the bottom of the 8th inning.

It was nice to see 3 players other than Braun, Fielder, and Weeks contribute to a huge win like this.

After Billy Hall smacked in the game winning run, he quickly ran down the 1B line and then bolted for the dugout's tunnel where the rest of the team joined him for a celebration.
This was a blatantly directed at the Cardinals and Billy Hall sort of hinted at it in his post-game interview. There was no un-tucking of the jerseys after the win, just a nice little celebration in the dugout's tunnel....out of the public eye.

This is the moron Cardinal-writer who has a fetish with questioning the Brewers motives in untucking their Jerseys.

-Jeff Suppan (3-3) takes to the mound tonight versus Adam Wainwright (4-2)

-The Cards are in a 'historic hitting slump' of biblical proportions....according to this guy. Let's hope they don't snap out of it before Thursday.
-The Brewers wearing their redcaps yesterdays game annoyed the living piss out of me. I wasn't even drinking during the game, yet I still had a hard time keeping them straight. I know, it's not that hard...but I had troubles....ADD.

-Milwaukee is in a homerun draught.
In the past 10 games the Brewers have hit only 4 HR's.
I sort of like reading this, because they were able to win 6 out of those 10 games by playing some small-ball and having some timely hits. Most of the teams critics, most notably ESPN's commentators, feel that the Brewers rely too much on the long ball. Well, why don't you douche bags talk about this?

-Milwaukee called up Frank Cantalanotto (still can't pronounce it) before the game yesterday. He had a pretty good at-bat and played some RF. Frank almost belted a foul ball that was just shy of being a stand-up double. Shoulda-coulda-woulda.

-Jake Peavy trades are running wild. The Brewers are mentioned in almost as many of the rumors as the Cubs. The Phillies are also thrown around out there as possible suitors. We'll see. No sense in even discussing this. The Cubs will probably land him.
-Looking ahead to 2010 club options, Milwaukee only has Braden Looper to deal with and his $6MM option, 750k buy-out clause. I would agree with MLBtraderumors.com in saying that the club will probably decline the option, pending an unforeseeable rise in performance. Thus far he's been a tad bit shakey.

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