Monday, May 11, 2009

I love Braun like the next guy....but.....

Ryan Braun was announced today as the NL Player of the Week. That will happen when a guy does the following:
12 RBI's
Hit .458
6 RBI's in one game
Grand Slam
.....all in 7 games.

Unreal. CLICK here to see a nice week-long high light reel of this amazing player.

The only thing negative I have to say about Braun is that his recent public griping about beam balls is not doing him any good. In fact, it's putting a huge bulls-eye on his melon. The chin music Dempster tossed was just a bad throw. I don't feel that it was meant to be a head shot. If anything, he was probaby just backing Braun of the plate. Keep in mind, dude tends to crowd it. For Braunie to give the ol' staredown, only pisses Dempster off and the rest of the NL pitching staff. Not to mention, he did call out his own pitching staff a few weeks hurlers from across the NL take note of that sort of thing.
What am I trying to say?
Braun was smart not to open his mouth at the end of the Saturday's game. Let Macha call Dempster out. That's what he's there for.
Now the constant pissing match between the Pirates and Brewers is enough to "T" me off. But hey, such is baseball. When you're good, you'll have a target on you. But when you publically discuss it (after last weeks Pirates game), you are only drawing attention to yourself.
My overall take on it....Let Macha be the bad guy. Don't be that guy Braun.

Steve Rosenbloom (d-bag from the Tribune) agrees. Although, he is questioning why Braun was bunting in the first place?

HERE is a breakdown of the heated rivalry. The Cubs-Brewers match ups have witnessed a number of coincedental beam-balls. Look no further than Gagne beaming Jim Edmunds last season.
Bob Brenly recent words on Ryan Braun echos some of what I had to say.. However, Brenly is a complete moron and should also have to eat his own words from the weekend series. RFB discussed his recent take on the city of Milwaukee. I could provide Mr. Brenly a long list of "things to do in Milwaukee, when you're a dirty FIB-Flatlander". I do, however, think that Braun should simmer the show-boating/drama.

I love Braun like the next guy...hell, I even rock his jersey at every home game. But he has to chill out a little bit with the show-boating tongue gestures and voicing his take on the situation.
I also enjoy a nice heated-rivalry between these dirt bags to the South and the Brew City. I just don't want to see it bleed over in to a league-wide distaste for Braun.

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