Sunday, May 31, 2009

Club Record: Fastest To 30 Wins!!!

Finally, the Crew is finally smacking some homeruns. Over the past two days there have been 6 homeruns that have yielded some winning results.

On Friday night Milwaukee narrowly beat the Reds on Friday night 3-2, thanks to Corey Hart's (5) blast in the 7th inning that prove to be the winning run. Prince Fielder also added a dinger.
Braden Looper, who just flew back to town after attending his grandfathers funeral, also had a strong outing. Both he and Jonny Cueto matched each other inning for inning. Looper (5-3) earned his win and the bullpen finished what he started. Trevor Hoffman capped the evening with his 12th save of the season.

Saturday night Dave Bush was a little rocky, lasting only 4 innings and giving up 2 homeruns and 3 runs in the first. By the fourth, he had given up 5 earned runs and struck out 3. The bullpen came in and locked it down with Seth McClung throwing 3 scoreless innings.

Milwauke ended up taking game 2 by the score of 9-5, thanks to scoring 6 runs in the 5th inning.

Ryan Braun (9), Prince Fielder (12), and Mike Cameron (10) all went yard for the Crew! All off of Aaron Harang, who typically has his way with the Brewers (4-1 career, coming in to the game).

Yesterday afternoon was a nice treat. The Crew came out with their bats a-blazing. Yovanni Gallardo last 5 1/3 innings, giving up only 1 earned run! He struck out 9 batters and walked only 2. Yo pitched a gem only 6 days prior, goes to show what an extra day of rest will do for a guy.

*Trevor Hoffman collected his 13th save.

Mike Cameron went yard for his 11th of the year. He also had a RBI single, going 2 for 4. He is now batting .284 on the season. This man has lifted the Brewers many times this season, already.

Prince Fielder has a good shot of getting NL Player of the Month, we'll see later today. He didn't help his cause by going o'fer yesterday. Although he hit one just shy of the foul poll out in right field. It's probably between Fielder and Raul Ibanez.

Milwaukee has dropped only 2 series since mid-April. That would be the Twins and the Cards (last week).

Brand Phillips of the Reds, believes...truly believes that the Reds are the better team. They are pretty even. Both teams have solid young hitting, however I know their starting rotation is better than Milwaukee's. Perhaps not this past series, but in the long run they will have better stats. Don't get me wrong, Milwaukee's is damn good and are noted for it. But the Reds didn't have Valquez this weekend either.

Craig Counsell is batting .324 on the year. He went 3 for 5 with an RBI on Saturday and 1 for 3 yesterday. He is on his way to a career year, which says a lot considering that the man holds two rings.
Finally....SOME RUNS!

Milwaukee hasn't scored more than 4 runs in the 10 past games.

In my opinion...Brewer fans don't realize how good we have it with players like Craig Counsell, Jason Kendall, Trevor Hoffman, and Mike Cameron being on the team. This club is filled with young players who need guidance from their own peers. Having these veterans is like having 4 extra coaches on the team.

The Oakland Athletics pitching staff heavily relied on Jason Kendall two season ago. Read about it here.

-Escobar was moved back to SS.

Mat Gammel will be the Brewers for most of June. He's hitting .160 with one homerun, coming in to Sunday's game. He did go 2 for 3 in yesterdays game however lifting that average to .214.

-Milwaukee will pick a pitcher with it's first pick in this year's draft (26th pick).

-During the 4-9 start I had asked for Billy Castro's "head to roll"...meaning fired. I am eating my words. It has to be the coaching. He was able to turn around a train wreck of a rotation and finally salvage a bullpen in to a significant ingredient to the club. Castro has lived in Milwaukee, year-round, since playing for the team in the 1970's. This man is committed to the organizatin. Unlike his predessecer Mike Madux, who jetted down to Texas for a better offer.
Doug Melvin on Billy Castro: "I think Billy keeps things simple," said general manager Doug Melvin. "He's probably not as complicated as what you can be with everything available to you. Billy does the 'Reader's Digest' version of all of that.
"Personality-wise, they knew him all except for maybe Braden Looper and Trevor Hoffman, the new guys. He's not one to sell himself. There are a lot of pitching coaches out there who really sell themselves to people. Billy didn't feel he had to do that.
"You have to be pleased by our performance and the transition. Mike has a good reputation as a top pitching coach. Billy has been here a lot of years, so he has seen it from a different viewpoint."

According to CBS Sportsline, the Brewers will be in the market for either a 2B or a starting pitcher (Peavy or Oswalt?). It mentions that Trevor Hoffman likes his new home in Milwaukee. Unfortunately, all Jake Peavy knows of Milwaukee is this:::
"What he sees in Milwaukee is the ride between the Pfister Hotel and Miller Park on some gloomy days. ... You run a path from the Pfister to Miller Park, and that's not a very pretty drive."
I can 100% agree with TH. Most players don't want Milwaukee because all they see is the old part of downtown, where the Pfister is. They don't know about the bustling streets of Old World 3rd Street, the 3rd Ward, Water Street (not the bar district), and other excellent neighborhoods of the Suds City. The Pfister is on the outer perimiter of Downtown. It's bordered by the lakefront and the interstate.

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