Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Jorge Julio screws the pooch

Man was that an ugly relief appearence by Jorge Julio last night in the 6th inning. The Brewers were cruising to their (what would've been) 4th straight win. That took a turn for the worse however when Julio collected 5 runs, 4 of them earned. He also hit two batters. Sweet Julio, sweet.

This could be the last we see of ol' Julio. I remember when the Crew picked him up in the off-season. Many blogs and websites sort of chuckled at the idea. I can see why. Despite Julio putting together a string of 4 games where he didn't allow a run, he did bomb the earlier appearences in the start of the season.

It was a pretty boring game. It was a lot of small ball and only one player had a double, all other hits were singles.

Jeff Suppan threw 100 pitches in 5 innings, 59 of those were strikes. Holy Sh*t. That's awefull.

Mike Cameron's tendenitas flared up again (same as last year). He had to leave the game early, along with Ryan Braun who fouled a ball of his right foot.

-Milwaukee will be looking to bring up a pitcher from the minors. With their bullpen being spent of the past 4 games and DiFilice unavailable, it's looking like Chase Wright (from the Yankees) or Nick Green will get the call. Both are starting pitchers. Chase Wright is a lefty, which would make sense because Mitch Stetter has been used quite a bit. RJ Swindle isn't an option because he blows. MORE HERE. Tim Dillard, by far the best pitcher in the Brewer farm system won't be an option. He just pitched on Sunday (7 innings).

-There are more and more rumors being thrown out there regarding Corey Hart being possible trade bait for a starting pitcher. I can't see how Hart is worth a #1. Possibly a 3 or 4. Some "sources" say that Melvin is targeting Eric Bedard from the Seattle Mariners. Which would make sense because Jack Z is in love with Corey Hart....in a gay way. This site says Milwaukee should target LHP Cliff Lee.

-Shocker...David Riske is done for the season and possibly more. He will undergoe surgery today on his throwing elbow.

-This new plan allows Brewer fans to kick out Cubs fans, the next time Chicago comes to town. This won't work...why even try it. Far too much time and energy will be spent on Security answering bogus complaints.

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