Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Seeing the positive in an ass-kicking....

Let's look at the positives in last night's ass-kicking.

Brewers could still split the series.

The negatives...

Manny Parra (3-7) is pitching himself right out of the rotation. Which sucks, considering that he is the ONLY leftie in the rotation and there's no help in the farm system. So that tells me Melvin will be looking for a leftie and will be willing to give up a Corey Hart or some prospects for one. Paging Cliff Lee....Paging Cliff Lee.

Although Kenny isn't ready to pull the plug quite yet on know damn well the kid has one more start to prove himself on

The inconsistent Parra lasted a piss-poor 4 innings (when Macha needed 6 innings) and gave up 10 earnedruns on 11 hits. He doesn't deserve to be in the starting rotation and Macha won't allow it for much longer.

The loan bright spot last night was watching Mike Burns, who was just summoned from Nashville yesterday morning. This journeyman tossed 4 shut-out innings...which Macha quickly dismissed, saying "(Born's) no consolation when you get your butt whipped."

I chuckle when I read these blogs out there that argue Melvin doesn't need to make a trade. They are on crack. You didn't think this trend would last did you? The hot streak the starting rotation was riding? This isn't the end of the world or the season. It's a blip on the radar. But it's a sign of things to come for this pitching staff. Only one pitcher is capable of lasting more than 8 innings. Only 2 pitchers can last 7 innings. Suppan and Parra can only last 4 to 5 innings...6 on a good day. So tell me professional critics out there in Brewer blogging land....why shouldn't the Brewers go after Cliff Lee or Jake Peavy? Joke.

-Dan Ugla hit his 100th HR last night. A towering blast to left-center field.

-You ever notice that some webites and stat sources spell Mark Defelice's name wrong? They spell it "DiFilice" or "DiFelice". I botch it every time I type it.

-The Brewers media team (who run the website) are doing their part in trying to lift the spirits of former first-rounder Jeremy Jeffress. Since being drafted the 21 year-old has struggled on and off the field. He was even busted down to Single-A last month or so. Well, he had a good outing....which is fine and all. But shouldn't he be in AA at least?

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