Friday, June 26, 2009

Not a good debut....

Mike Burns made his first career start in the majors yesterday afternoon at Miller Park. If only pro baseball was 3 innings long.....

After throwing 3 scoreless/hitless frames, Mike Burns quickly fell off the wagon. Milwaukee was one of two teams left in the ML who was using their original 5 man rotation prior to Manny Parra's breakdown and Dave Bushs' injury (the other being SF). Well, that was then and this is now. Now the Brewers rotation is in for their biggest challenge of the season. Try to endure 2 more weeks with your #3 and #4 out of the rotation.

The Twins capatilized off of Burns' free passes that he gave out to lead-off hiters. Despite keeping the Crew somewhat close to the Twins (4 runs on 6 hits), Milwaukee was unable to close the gap late in the game.

Chris Narveson damaged the Crew the most by giving up 2 key runs in the 6th inning. The guy couldn't even keep it close, pitching a pathetic 1/3 inning.

Mitch Stetter, thankfully, was able to stop the bleeding and put the inning out of it's misery. Although he too struggled in giving up a hit and a walk.

The Crew loss, despite 3 different players going yard.
Prince Fielder (18) Ryan Braun (16) McGehee (3)
Fielder also contributed with a double as did Counsell.

Prince Fielder is having an excellent year thus far.
In 72 games, Fielder is batting .301
77 hits
17 doubles
18 HR's
Most impressive of all....a covetted .423 OBP
Sadly enough, it won't be enough to beat out Albert Puhols for the All Star game.

Both Milwaukee players and opposing teams hate day games at Miller Park, due to the shade line. It's very noticeable on tv and especially at the park. I don't know who it favors though?

Finall...Some good news on the upcoming trade race....Milwaukee Brewers' owner Mark Attanasio said the Brewers can be BUYERS!

In my humble opinion, the follow players should be off limits:
Escobar, Gamel, Salome, any pitcher in the farm system, and anyone from our pen.

In my humble opinion, you can send the following players packing by all means....
Hardy, Hart, Cameron (Although I love the guy), Rivera, Gerut, Cantalonotto (spelling...who cares, he butts), Billy Hall, and any outfield prospects in the minors.

Now get yourself a starting pitcher!

San Fransisco is coming to town over the weekend. Should be a good series. To date, SF is in the Wild Card lead thanks to some great starting pitching. Yovanni Gallardo takes on Matt Cain. Hopefully, Milwaukee will have some of their scouts at the game watching Cain.

The Good NEWS!?!?!? Milwaukee will NOT be facing Tim Lincecum!


  1. Let's face it - piss poor coaching. Had the same move been made last year Team Wisconsin would have asked for Yost with some french dressing. It's feeding time Smucha!!

  2. But they still have to face Cain right? And they didn't they chase Lincecum from a game pretty early this year already? Or was he injured?