Friday, June 19, 2009

Time to tame the tigers

That's 5 different T's that I used in the headline....talent.

The Brewers are in Detroit visiting the loveable Tigers this weekend. The last time they played Detroit Verlander earned a no-no and the Crew lost the series. That was then, this is now. Milwaukee is coming off a series sweep over the Indians, who albeit haven't been too impressive as of late. Thanks Greg Aquino! The one-time Brewer really gave the Crew a decisive edge. He's now being DFA.

Over the past 24 hours the Milwaukee metro has been hit with some severe storms. Miller Park even had some flooding which wasn't too severe.

Prince Fielder is having a MVP caliber year thus far. In the month of June (to date) he's batting .383 with 16 RBI's in only 16 games. The bad news is that he was 4 for 20 in Detroit two years ago. ComAmerica Park will host Braden Looper (5-3, 4.62 ERA) and Armando Gallarraga (3-7, 5.56 ERA). Looper's last three starts have been no-decisions.

THIS blog feels the same way I do (and most of Wisconsin)...Cliff Lee would be the best option.

Although I am very upset with Manny Parra's performance this season, who's to say that he won't come back in July with more confidence (and control)? He may be the 2009 version of 2008's Dave Bush. For the sake of the club and making it to the post season, I hope so. The idea of landing a decent pitcher before July is rapidly fading away. There just isn't much to chose from and most teams are in contention. Hopefully, in a couple of weeks the picture should become clear and the teams who don't have a chance (like Toronto) will drift away. Roy would be nice. It's nice to dream right?

You think the Cubs are kicking themselves for parting ways with Casey McGehee right now? Probably. With Aramis Rameriz out until (at the very least) early-July, the Cubs have struggled at the plate. If it weren't for their starting pitching, they would be in the cellar. They are still dangerous though and if Soto returns to his rookie-year form, they could make a run. If they add Pedro Martinez (as being rumored) they could bolster their pen even more and have a 1-2-3 punch out with Marmol, Martinez, and Gregg.

Back to Casey McGehee....he's been the one of the best off-season pick ups in the National League. Things could change though. Russell Branyon was the stellar in the first half of last season too....until he drifted away in late July. Speaking of....he may be on the market. He would be a solid option for platoon with Mat Gamel. Two power-hitting lefties.....far fetched though...

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