Friday, June 12, 2009

Brewers get swept by Rockies

The fricken Rockies? Are you kidding me? Well, I don't feel so bad now because at least the Cards got swept by them too. This makes 7 straight for Colorado....all on the road. The club really didn't make too many mistakes. Aside from yesterdays 3-run shot that Braun had.

Yesterday's score was Colorado 5, Milwaukee 4. The game wasn't as close as the score claims. The Rockies controlled the game since the very start.

Ryan Braun hit his 13th HR. Too little too late though.

Billy Hall has 10 (10 for 84!!!) hits since May the 1st. Yet some how, Kenny Macha doesn't want to pull the plug on this guy. It's apparent that he just can't snap out of this (3 total) season long snap. If we would've seen any indication of this, it would have been on Memorial Day when he hit the game winning single.

Yovanni didn't look too sharp yesterday either. It was weird to see him pitching a weekday-afternoon game.

Tom Haudricourt puts this slump in to prospective, rightfully so. It's not that bad people (famous last words right?). Hang in there. I have a good feeling that the Crew will win the series with Chicago and Manny Parra, that's right, Manny Parra will pitch a fantastic game. His back is to the wall and there's no where to go but up!

Eric Arnett should be signed by this weekend. This is nice. It's the high school players who you have to worry about. I didn't feel confident about the Crew signing Brett Lawrie last year until he actually did.

Tonight, Jeff Suppan (4-4) takes on Clayton Richardson (2-1). Chicago is favored to win. The crew has yet to lose 5 straight games this season.

Another great promotion by the Brewers organization. 'Dollars for Dingers' rewards the fans! For every Brewer HR hit between June 15 thru 25th, a dollar comes off lodge (OF) seats for a July series against the Cards. Perhaps those tickets will be free ($28.00)?

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