Monday, June 22, 2009

Swept in an ugly fashion.

The Brewers were busted down to 2nd place after being swept in Detroit over the weekend.
The starting rotation is in shambles and Doug Melvin will/should be in desperate search of a starting pitcher. It doesn't even have to be a southpaw. You know damn well that this could be the start to a prolonged slump for Dave Bush (it's already started) and the verdict is still out on Manny Parra. Right about now, Brad Penny is even sounding good...if we can get him at a bargain. People can rip that idea all day long, but right now Pedro Martinez is even sounding good. Bushy is suffering from arm-fatigue that will results in him being bumped from his next start. It will be interesting to see how Kenny Macha responds to this. Seth McClung is always an option, but he's doing far too good in the pen to be messed up and brought back in to the rotation.

Milwaukee plays 14 of their next 19 games at home before the All Star break. The next three weeks should be a pretty good indication of whether or not the Brewers make it to the post-season, according to this blog. Although there's plenty of season left after the break, it should position themselves with a (possible) pretty big lead in the Central....should they win their series'.

The Crew is now 1.5 back behind the Cardinals, who just won Tony LaRussa's 2,500th game with a called shot (HR) by Albert Puhols.

Milwaukee NEED


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