Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Prince lifts Brewers past the Indians in an UGLY win

It wasn't purty, but I will take it.
Dave Bush got rocked early and often. In fact, the guy tossed 72 pitches in 3 1/3 innings. He blew leads in the second and third innings. Hopefully he will snap out of his slump that has covered 5 starts. During those starts Bush has accumulated an 0-3 record, 8.64 ERA, 30 hits, 24 earned-runs, all in 25 innings of work. Ugh.

The bullpen had a pretty damn good night. Aside from newly arrived Chris Norveson who game up 3 runs immediately upon entering the game and another run later on in the game.
Mark DiFelice gave up a run, which is unusual.
I believe it was Todd Coffey's dominant inning that turned the tide for the Crew. He had a quick 1,2,3 inning.

I had a good laugh or two when I was reading the Monday morning headlines...
"Hoffman Caves In"
"Hoffman blows lead"
"Hoffman give us first run...first loss"
Well, Mr. Hoffman just collected his 16th consecutive save.

Prince Fielder and Ryan Braun combined for 11 RBI's. That's pretty-much insane.
Fielder (16) finally achieved a career-first in belting a grand-slam homerun in the 8th that put the Crew ahead! It was a line-drive smack that ESPN played over-and over-and over-and over again. Thankfully, it was a Brewer who did it.

Braunie (2) also hit a 2-run jack himself.

Casey McGehee is playing extremely well since moving in to a starting role. The guy can play any infield position including Catcher (emergency). He's batting .357 and added another double last night going 3 for 5.

Mike Cameron is in a slump. He went 0-4. He is still one of the best CF's in the big's.\
JJ snapped his skid by going 1 for 5. Again, we had to endure hearing ESPN's crew talk about JJ hitting the ball hard.....they are just directly to the opposing teams. Yada yada yada.

Haudricourt has finally come to his senses and is claiming that the Brewers need a pitcher....ya think? I have been saying this since the start of the season. This rotation WILL NEVER hold. They are decent, but not good enough to last the entire season.
Here's the downfall, there are sooooo many teams in contention this season that no ONE is giving up starting pitching. No one. Hell, the Giants are in 2nd place...so you know they'll hold tight on Matt Cain and Sanchez. Peavy and Bedard are hurt.

One of OUR ONLY OPTIONs IS BEN SHEETS or Eric Bedard. Sheets won't cost us a pick and he should be ready by late-August, at the earliest.
Ken Rosenthal is also claiming that the Brewers will make an aggressive run at Eric Bedard (LHP) from the Mariners. Which makes good sense considering the Jack Z (Seattle's GM) knows Milwaukee's prospects quite well and can target a couple of them. The only glitch with that is that Bedard has been scratched a couple of times from starts with shoulder inflammation.
Ken also discusses the issue of trading JJ or Escobar....it won't happen.
Pedro Martinez is another idea. However many clubs are looking at him as a solid 1 to 2 inning reliever, according Pascerelli on ESPN last night.

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