Thursday, June 4, 2009

Brewers Seal The Deal

Despite the Brew Crew scoring 6 runs in the fifth inning to go ahead 9-1, Braden Lopper still found a way to fall apart in the bottom of the inning. The fifth inning is starting to become a pain in the ass for the Crew. Mainly because the starting pitchers can't last more than 5 innings before coming undone.

Again, I can't stress this enough....Milwaukee needs to add a lefty who can go deeper than 5 innings. Cliff Lee, Cliff Lee, Cliff Lee. Live in the now Wisconsin. Don't always look to the future. We have a great shot of going deep in to the playoffs this season. Yes, it's only June 4th. I don't care.

Seth McClung (3-1) earned the win by going 3 1/3 innings and only allowing a run. Thank goodness for our pen. However, it's the pen that has been stretched thin as of late and now Melvin decided to call up yet another reliever in 28 year-old Chris Smith. He has 12 saves thus far in to the season. Mark DiFelice has a sore elbow and a grandmothers funeral to attend.

Trevor Hoffman notched his 14th consecutive save last night. His ERA is 0.00. Sweeeeeet.

Dan Ugla is a Brewer killer. Not only did this freak get his 100th career homer off the Crew, he also notched his 101st last night off of Seth McClung, his 11th of the year.

Ryan Braun (10) continued to stay hot going 2 for 5 with a HR and 2 RBI's.

-I don't know about you guys, but I found it challenging to watch the past 3 games at "Landshark Stadium". My attention has been elsewhere. If I recall, the same thing happened last year. It's the damn stadium. All those empty seat and the bright hunter-orange that blankets that damn fossil. What is it with Marlin fans? You have two rings since 1993. How is it that you still don't want to support your team. City's like Louisville would love to have your team, or: Orlando, Portland, or other medium sized metro areas. I think Louisville would be a great baseball city, but it's far too close to Cincinatti. Perhaps a city like Memphis or Inianapolis would be better suited. I don't now, but Miami is not a baseball town. Despite it's huge hispanic population (oh! off the deep end). Relax, it's been statistically proven that Latin America love baseball.

-Melvin and Macha agree that Mann Parra will not be sent down to the minors. Give him one more start to blow and he will....I bet 20.00!

-Next week, Milwaukee could face 3 to 4 LHP's when they take on the Rockies (De Le Rosa) and the White Sox (Danks, Richards, Buehrle). So I would expect Gammel and Hall to split their time at 3B, likewise with Counsell and McGehee at 2B. Additionally, Cantalanotto and Gerut will also get spot starts. Milwaukee will probably have 5 left-handed batters in the line-up a couple of times next week. When was the last time you could say that? *fifth being Manny Parra*

-Tom Glavin was released by the Braves last night, in a move to free up 3.5MM. One would think that Milwaukee would swoop in and snatch him up. Melvin shot down that rumor pretty quickly. He mentions that Atlanta knows Glavin pretty damn well, and for them to release a LHP like Tommy-Boy....well, there must be something wrong. Plus, dude's 43 years-old...but man was he stud back in the day.

-Nate Mclouth was traded to the Braves for 3 prospects. Nate was in a pretty bad slump the past month or so. Hopefully he can hit out of it on a winning team. This move should do wonders for the gold glover / All-Star.

-Mat Gammel is filling in nicely. Despite his brief mini-slump where he went 2 for 16 (if I recall) has now gone 4 for 9 and is batting .235 overall. He's now playing pretty decent offensively, and so-so defensively.

-Is trading Corey Hart a bad idea? This blog says so. I am torn. This season Milwaukee has a couple that can platoon out in RF. So why not trade him for a solid LHP who can fill in on the rotation. Manny Parra would make a great reliever! He rubbed me the wrong way last season when he bad-mouthed the fans of Milwaukee, calling us boo-birds. Well, perhaps if you didn't swing at every first pitch last season we wouldn't have to.

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