Monday, June 29, 2009

My record is is 2-10

My record, or I should say Milwaukee's record is 2-12 when I attend their games.
This dates back to last season. The only two wins come from their victory they squeezed out in 10 innings against the Cardinals on Memorial Day weekend and their NLDS #4 win.

Yesterday proved no different. Milwaukee lost 7-0. Yet again, I had to endure another Jeff Suppan start. Every time I go to a Brewer game.....he's starting..

I don't know what it is. Yesterday, I even brought my son (3 year-old) and my wife to the park to attend the game. I mean, c'mon on, it was Jason Kendall bobble-head day (he went 0 for 3) and my son was finally visiting Miller Park with his 0l' man.

Well, the Giants started a young pitcher who was making his ML debut, which of course spells disastor for the Crew. Ryan Sadowski tossed 6 shut-out innings in facing Jeff Suppan (382nd start of his career). He basically made Soup look like a senior citizen on the mound. Ugly.

If you are looking ahead to your schedule and trying to figure out when to debut your promising young pitcher down in AAA, wait until you play the Crew. Milwuakee is 0-4 in facing debuting pitchers. Ken Macha blames it on the lack of video footage they can review in preparing themselves for the match-up. What he doesn't realize is that the opposing teams also have no video coverage of pitchers like Chris Smith who are making their debut. Yet it is our newly arrived pitchers who get the loss. Is this a case of bad scouting (of opposing teams)?

Trade rumors are starting to heat-up. With only 2 more games left in June, Milwaukee is in desperate need of a lead-off hitter and another starting who can last more than 5 innings.....!

Tom Haudricourt mentions the idea of going after Doug Davis and Felipe Lopez. We all have the 411 on Dougy, he's not great but he will do. Lopez is a speedy switch hitter who can play 2nd along with Counsell and McGehee.

Apparently Gord Ash clames Melvin inquired about Mark DeRosa, before he went to the Cards. The Indians wanted "something the Brewers don't have"......Young Pitching! St. Louis, meanwhile, didn't fill their biggest void....3rd base help.

In my opinion, it's far too early to be pulling out trades. Yes, we need help now...who doesn't? There are just too many teams in the hunt and it won't start to clear out for another 2-3 weeks, at the very least wait until after the All Star break. Teams are asking way too much for average players...because they can.

Yovanni Gallardo will pitch in Wednesday's game against the Mets. Meaning he will NOT pitch in the 4-game series in Chicago. Instead, we get to endure Seth McClung and Chris Smith, Jeff Suppan and Braden Looper. UGH. With the way the NL Central has been unfolding, Milwaukee's will probably maintain their 3.5 game lead on the Cubs going in to Thursday's game. By the end of the weekend, Chicago could very well be in first place if they hand it to the Brewers. The good news is that they are struggling too. In fact, yesterday the Sox blanked them 6-0. Milton Bradley is butting heads with Lou and Zambrano is starting to be hated in Chi-town! Love it.

The Chicago Tribune is asking the Cubs to waive Zambrano, hilarious. Didn't he just toss a no-hitter last last season....AT MILLER PARK?!?!?!?!? And now you want him gone?!?!

HERE is more on Milton Bradley. I love seeing this club unfold before our eyes. They are still dangerous though, and Milwaukee will have a tough opponent. First things first, beat the Mets!

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