Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Close one....

Indeed, the Milwaukee Brewers pulled off a 10-6 win last night over the lowly Mets. A team that is missing 4 or 5 of their main ingredients and their bench players are even frequented with injuries. Yet the Brewers still managed to have their troubles with this some-what dangerous team. A win is a win. But this one, although a good ass-kicking, could've ended up disasterous.

Casey McGehee, who could have a legitimate shot at NL ROY this season, dropped a routine pop-up that could have ended the sixth inning; thus providing Braden Looper with 7 and 1/3 shut-0ut innings. Instead, the very next batter (Schneider) blasted a 2-run double that was close to being out of there. McGehee stood their in disgust.

His next at bat he sought redemption, and that is what he received. A grand-slam homerun that put the Crew up 7-3.

The next inning McGehee again had troubles throwing out a fossil (Gary Sheffield) during an in-field grounder. Shef beat Casey's throw out at first and Macha then yanked McGehee right after. He opted for Billy Hall who thanked Macha with a well-placed double down the thirdbase line.

Milwaukee tallied 19 hits in last nights game. JJ Hardy (8) and Casey McGehee (4) both went yard.

JJ flirted with a cycle and probably would've gotten it if he exploded out of the batter box when he hit his second double (7th inning). Instead, he saw it off....a double....he acutally jogged there for bit to see it off. Silly. It would have been close for him to reach 3B, because Counsell was held up there. JJ ended the game going 4 for 4 with a walk.

I actually permitted my wife to turn the station in the 9th inning. She wanted to watch her soaps before hit the hay, and since she permits me to watch baseball every evening...I thought what the hell. I then turned on my iPod to check out the score....and it read 10-6 in the 9th. Apparently Carlos Villanueva gave up 3 runs on 5 hits in 1/3 inning. How the hell does that happen?!?!?! Scary.

It turned out okay though, Trevor Hoffman came in to earn an easy save off of 2/3 innings. His 18 on the year.

The player of the game could go to JJ, Casey, and Braden Looper. Loop (6-4) was lights-out and never really struggled with his command or location. Despite showing up to Miller Park with a grapefruit sized bruise on his throwing arm, he was till able to last 6 1/3 innings.

HERE is another reason why I despise the Chicago Cubs. I can honestly say that I get an upset stomach when I hear people talking about them. This stoy only gives me more reason to dislike the shlubs. Honestly? You can't find someone to donate 8 tickets to 8 veterans who suffer from PTSD and fought for your country?

Tonight may turn ugly quick. Mike Burns (0-1) will take to the mound against Johan Santana (9-5).

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