Wednesday, May 6, 2009

JJ Hardy Leads Brewers Past The Buc's

Unbelievable performance by JJ Hardy last night. I think we're all racking our brains right now and asking ourselves if Hardy has officially hit his way out of lengthy slump? Let's all hope so.
Hardy entered last night's game hitting a piss-poor .167 and was 2 for 25 RISP, as pointed out by the Journal-Sentinel. JJ went 3 for 3 last night, all with runners in scoring position and also cracked a double. Clutch. That's the timely hitting the Brewers lacked last year and most of this first month of the 2009 season.

Craig Counsell and Corey Hart also added doubles, however I must be losing my mind because the box score marked down Hart's "triple" as a double. So I must have missed something there while watching the game last night. Fielder added a single while Ryan Braun went hitless. It should be noted that Leftfielder Morgan made pretty sweet grab out in left-center when Ryan Braun cracked, what could have been, a triple. It was a web gem that's for sure.

Another unsung contributor to the recent Brewers success is none other than Jeff Suppan. This guy has been lights out. I am still not convinced that he has righted his ship, so to speak. He collapsed last season in the play offs. Aside from his Dave Bush-like first innings that past couple of starts, he has been lights out. He location was the best I have ever seen from him, last night. He was hitting the corners of the strike zone and worked counts quite well, seldomly falling behind. Carlos Villanueva notched his 3rd save of the season as well. Mitch Stetter struggled and gave up some runs, however the bullpen has been the deciding factor the past couple of weeks.

Milwaukee has now won 17 straight games against the Pirates. The record is 23 games held by the Balitmore Orioles, 39 years ago, against the expansion team Royals of KC.

Bill Hall got the day off to rest his hamstring.

The Hoff was given the night off, as well. Macha wants to ease TH in to the closer role. Despite it being a full week since he rejoined the team. Better to be safe, with an over-the-hill pitcher who is in better shape than most of the players in that clubhouse.

Hilarious...First Base Coach Ed Sedar's leg was almost burnt alive in the dug out last night. Apparently he stood too close to the portable heater. Take a look at his pants HERE.

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  1. My man-crush for Ricky is still going strong. However, the question I ask is who is yours now that Kapler is gone? Boy-Toys is Hart; K's is probably Parra. You can tell a lot about a person through their Bromance.

    I was doing really good at not making your list of the D-bags. Then at the last minute you throw in the BTW... I currently have a Brewers hat that is camo; which makes me offically a d-bag. But to be honest I am happy to make the list among many others! I think you should re-think your dislike for us dirt bags. After watching the pirates and last nights reds game it made me realize and thankful that Miller park is filled with this d-bags and not a park that can't draw nine thousand. I guess what i am saying is that i would rather have these terds than a half empty park.