Thursday, May 28, 2009

Brewers lose 5 of their last 6 games....problems in brew town?


Is it a bit premature to think that our beloved Brewers are officially struggling? I don't know. That's a tough call. Despite the fact that the Crew dropped their first back-to-back series in more than a month and a half suggests otherwise. You're going to lose series, that's acceptable. However, one has to look at the bigger picture. The past 6 games fall with in the post-Ricke Weeks era ala 2009. Milwaukee hasn't repsonded to this loss like we would expect.

With that being said, the struggling Reds come to town with their own problems. No Velquez in that starting rotation, that's a plus. Also, Milwaukee has to deal with Brandon Jacobs (thumb) and Joey Voto's (ear infection) injuries as well as Aaron Herrang possibly being rusty after his debacle this past Monday. All signs point to a Brewer sweep. We shall see.

The Brewers have their own problems....their lack of hitting the long ball. Milwaukee has yet to hit a homerun this week, which is concerning. This is the cornerstone to their offense, with out it they are like every other team out there. The Reds are sixth best in the NL for playing long ball, while the Brewers are 4th.

The starting rotation hasn't had a win in 8 games.
Milwaukee has been averaging two runs in the last 6 games.
Milwaukee batters are struggling when they are behind in the count.
More here.

Look, it's going to happen. Milwaukee will struggle this year numerous times. Right now is only the second significant stretch in 2009 where they are in a "slump". Not bad. Have you seen the NL East lately? Those teams can't buy a hot streak if it were free.

While listening to post-game radio FSR on 1250am (Milwaukee) while driving home from Mondays game at Miller Park, I heard Sparky make a bold prediction for 2009. He doesn't see Milwaukee losing 6 straight games this year. Mind you, he initially made this prediction before the season started and when Rickie Weeks was playing 2B. I sort of agree though. There are too many tools and too many options for the Brewers to snap out of a skid. Who still step up tomorrow versus the Reds? I think Frank Caliendo (he he) will be that guy. Since making his first appearence on Monday he has been a great addition both offensively and defensively. He made the game fun to hear (on the radio...thanks FSWisc.). It will be the unsung players who will rise up...not your typical Braun, Fielder, and Hart. I see a big series coming from Counsell, Cantalanatto, and Cantu.

ESPN is finally taking note of Milwaukee's pitching, especially Trevor Hoffman's. Despite his last save coming a week ago today.

Interesting...Braun, Hall, and Weeks are leading the NL All Star vote. If it's one thing Milwaukee can do, it's voting early....and voting often. William "Boss" Tweed would be a huge fan of this.

David Riske blows....this only proves it. What a perverbial bust! He's a bigger bust than Cory Koskie.

RFB pointed this one all remember Keith Ginter of the Milwaukee Brewers...well, he's still playing.

Cubs suck.

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