Thursday, May 7, 2009

Brewers Maul Reds

Sounds like some sort B-movie title. Last night the Milwaukee Brewers pounded the Reds 15-3 in a good ol fashion hoe-down. From the very start Bronson Arroyo had troubles with his location, tending to leave his balls hanging in the middle of the plate and down (ick!). The Crew erupted for 9 runs in the first two innings. Meanwhile, Manny Parra looked average from the mound notching his first win of the season. He gave up 4 walks, 8 hits, and 2 runs...striking out 5. Hopefully this will boost his confidence, since that seems to be his problem the past two seasons. He's like an anorexic school girl who feels fat, but really isn't (clearly).
Jorge Julio and Todd Coffey contributed and put together some solid innings. Julio allowed only 1 hit and a run, while Coffey tossed a hitless/scoreless inning and struck out 2.

Ryan Braun (6) hit yet another grand slam to add to his resume. It was the icing on the cake and put the lead out of reach. Braunie went 3 for 6 on the night and had 6 RBI's. That's insane. Love it!
Every batter in the starting line-up had a hit, most had two. Manny Parra notched his first hit of the season as well.

Fielder(5) and Hardy(4) both went yard as well.

Brandon Phillips probably made one of the coolest plays I have seen in a long time, despite not getting the out. He field an in-field grounder, which should've been the pitchers play. He was ahead of the ball and grabbed it, then tossed it behind his back for a no-look toss to first. No out though, as the firstbaseman took his foot of the bag.

Chris Duffy was the #1 play of the day for ESPN Sports Center. He made a diving play while in Center, on the warning track. As a result, he got his hands and pants dirt. That was one of the best grabs I've seen in a while. Reminded me Robin Yount's gem, but not as good.

Check out the play HERE, on ESPN.COM. Watch the full video.

Great American Ball Park decided it was a great time to ignite some fire works last night, when the Reds finally put a run on the board after a Brandon Phillips(5) homerun. The smoke decided to linger, like the song from the Cranberries.
Jay Bruce also went yard, for his 7th of the season. Is he eligible for ROY this year, or did he play enough games last season? Joey Votto was close last year, I know that.
Billy Hall sat out last night due to the weather. Play it safe...don't mess up that good start to the season.
Todd Coffey was released last season by the Reds, on his birthday. He pitched a hell of an inning last night, striking out a pair and making it a quick inning.
My wife is freaking out because Danny Gokey is returning home to sing the National Anthem for this weekends Brewer-Cubs game Saturday. OMG>>>I'm like so jacked!

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