Tuesday, May 5, 2009

How is the Crew doing?

First off, I have never been a fan of Rickie Weeks. He talks like he has sh*t in his mouth at all times and has turned in a pathetic first 2+ seasons with Milwaukee. That being said, I will always admit my mistakes and overlooks. My friend Jon Thiel has been having a man-crush on this kid for sometime now. I don't know how or why....but he's proven me wrong.
I don't know how this has happened, but Rickie Weeks has surprised the living hell out of me thus far in to the season. The kid is swinging the bat well and playing much better defense here in 2009. Last night it was Weeks' 3-run homer in the top of the 9th inning that sealed the deal for Milwaukee. In front of 8,500 fans that filled PNC Park, Weeks was able to help Milwaukee grind out yet another victory against their bitch....that is the Pittsburgh Pirates 7-4. It has almost been a year since the Pirates last beat the Crew.

Weeks now has 6 homeruns on the year and is tied with Cameron for team lead. Both have been a huge contribution to the team who has seen some streaky starts by Braun, Fielder, Hart, and JJ Hardy. I would say that 3 of the 4 are playing pretty damn well, but can't seem to get in sync with each other. Hence the lack of runs being scored during the homestand. Of course, JJ Hardy is struggling the most batting a lowly .167 on the season.

In addition to Weeks' big bat (.270 avg), he should also be credited for making some key defensive plays. Although he has cost Milwaukee a couple of games and leads in 2009, he has been making some impressive plays on secondbase. But let's be real here, he has 5 errors to date, compared to 15 in all of 2008 and 13 in 2007. He had a whooping 23 errors in 2006. He seems to bobble when he's pressed to make a double play, but is quick at fielding with firstbase empty. He robbed one of the LaRoche brothers of a base hit last night that caught my eye. Defense is the main ingredient for this Milwaukee club to win, along with a solid bullpen. I would say that both are filling in nicely.

We all knew that in order for Milwaukee to win this season, their bullpen would have to pick up a large number of wins. It was pretty much a shoe-in that the starting rotation would probably lead the NL in no-decisions. Although, I have to argue that the starting rotation has saved Billy Castro his job and righted their ship in rather quick manner. Mark DeFilice (3-0) and Trevor Hoffman have been the foundation to the pen. Since last week, The Hoff has already notched 4 saves in as many attempts.

Up to this point in the season, all areas of the team get a C+ or higher, except for that horrid bench. Brad Nelson should've been shipped back down to Nashville by last week and Casey McGahee has been a bust. Chris Duffy is a pretty damn good outfielder, holding his own defensively. Plus, he has already contributed to a win this past Sunday. Craig Counsell should also be credited for providing a steady stream of offense covering short and third base. He's batting .297 with 11 hits and 5 walks. Again, I remember a number of certain Milwaukee Brewer bloggers and fans who ripped Melvin for bringing back Counsell...who is a low-risk signing and has already earned himself a World Series ring. In all, it's been the lackluster impact of Nelson and McGahee that have the bench blowing.

The front 5 started off pretty weak and have turned it up the heat the past 3 weeks. Their hasn't been a crummy start during this current span. Manny Parra is the only one in the rotation who has been pretty damn bad this season. Although, he too has had two solid outings this past week.

(picture of Packer fans who cross-dressed)

In closing...
I realize that other blogs have covered this topic in the past. Most noteworthy being MillerPark Drunks and Rightfield Bleachers..but...

All in all, the fans who jumped on the band wagon last year have been pretty quick to toss in the towel and call it a season three weeks ago. Why is it that the new found Brewer fans are so quick to pass judgement? Is it a generational difference? A case of the ADD's? Or is it the simple fact that a good number of "fans" who attend the games do so because it's hip? You know, it's so cool to wear the Brewer T-shirt and bring your beer bong to the park. It tells everyone around you that you are the sh*t and shouldn't be messed with. Another fan-type I would like to strangle are the metro-sexual fans. You know, the ones who refuse to don a Brewer cap, instead laying a thick layer of hair-gel on their spikes of frosted hair.

Then of course you have the Abercrombie fan, who refuses to wear the team logo or any type of clothing that has "majestic" or "MLB Shop" on it. Instead they color-coordinate their jeans and polo shirts with the handkerchief that is wrapped around their wrist, probably hiding his/hers failed attempt of taking their own pathetic life.

Also....I would still like to stab the guy who brought the cowbell to the the NLDS game 4...Had I not been with my wife, I would have staggered over there and gauged out your right eye, the stinkiest one of the two.

Never again will I attend an opening day party through any bar. The gathering of dimwitted baseball fans who know nothing of the sport...is enough to make me puke in my shirt. Yes, it could be that I'm just getting old and don't appreciate a good beerpong game (f*cking amateur drinkers). Let's face it, I have probably spilt more beer in my lifetime then most of those douche bags have drunken. That's not a bragging right either, it's the a knock on the the fair-weathered fans of Generation Y (and some of X) that blanket the parking lot with their swooped up hair and douche bag drinking games.

All I need to tailgate is beer, grill, brats, and the trunk popped with the pre-game show on AM620 or AM1250 on. I'm all for drinking too much at the game and pissing every half inning...but some of these fans are complete retards.

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  1. BTW...

    You are a d-bag if you wear a Brewer hat that has a straight brim. Or if you have an over-sized Brewer logo that is off-kiltered in anyway. Oh...and you are a d-bag if you wear Brewer hats that are any other color besides the team's blue, navy, white, grey, white, yellow, and bronze. If it's green, you are a turd. If it's pink, well, that's okay then...if you're a lady. If it's red...I'm thinking WTF.