Monday, May 11, 2009

Brewers win their 7th straight series!

Despite yesterday's loss to the Cubs, the Milwaukee Brewers have been on a rampant tear the past couple of weeks. The Cubs came to town and received a good ol' fashion ass kicking. Well, at least Saturday they did. The Crew outscored the Cubs 17-12 for the series. All in all, it was a pretty excellent weekend for the beloved Crews.

The starting pitching was the only (some what) rough spot. Soup got roughed up one inning and provided the Cubs with 4 runs, after Milwaukee went ahead in the first.

Yovanni Gallardo had another sub-par outing, allowing 5 hits and 2 earned runs. He did earn his 4th win of the season though. What struck me sideways was the 5 free-passes he gave out.

Dave Bush pitched fairly well, allowing 2 runs on 4 hits. He got the no-decision while Mitch Stetter picked up the win.

The entire bullpen is the bright spot for Milwaukee. Finally, the state can say that. It's been a hell of a long time. But the comboniation and mixing of hurlers like Villy, Stetter, Julio, and DiFilice by manager Ken Macha is really something to get excited about. You give the pen the lead when the starter exits, or even if you're down by a couple of runs....the pen will keep you close or ahead. Seldom have they give up leads.

One of the most enjoyable games to listen to was Saturday's game. Hell, Craig Counsell hit his first homer of the year and Ryan Braun his 8th. Meanwhile, 4 different Cubbies hit doubles while Ryan Braun was the loan Brewer to do so.

Was it just me, or did you not know that Soriano was gonna go yard in his first at-bat after muffing that triple by Jason Kendall? I could see it in his eyes. The guy is an awful fielder, or more importantly, doesn't care. THIS story by the Tribune doesn't even mention it. It was quite obvious that Soriano wasn't taking his fielding seriously.
The Marlins come to town and play a 3-game series at Miller Park. Today is an off-day.
Florida just shipped down one of their top prospects in Cameron Maybin. In his place, the Marlins are bringing up leftie John Koronka to start tomorrow's game.

Tim Dillard is really throwing well down in Nashville, although he did get beat by Omaha last night. No thanks some piss-poor fielding by his teammates. Dillard is now 5-1 in AAA-Nashville.


  1. 2 runs and 5 hits is a sub-par outing? I would take that any day and hope the lineup could produce more runs than that. I think he spoiled us with a few really good outings, but we can't expect that all the time.

  2. "average" is what I should have said. Keep in mind that the Brewers beat a team that has succombed to numerous injuries. D Lee and Soto weren't in the line name a few. He threw only 5 innings. Not what you would expect to see from your "ace". A solid outting is 6+ innings. This is more like a Suppan outting.