Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Marlins have been troublesome in the past

Milwaukee has had some troubles playing the young Marlins ball club, despite having a 7-7 record with them over the past two seasons. Hanley Ramirez and Jorge Canu are the loan bright spots on their starting line-up, hitting a whopping .348 and .294 respectively, on the year. Meanwhile, players like Dan Ugla (.189) have struggled out of the gates.

The pitching match up faces two lefties. Manny Parra (1-4) and newly promotted southpaw John Karonka (0-0) from AAA-New Orleans.

Oh, by the way Marlins, while you have been playing on a lengthy road trip....we went ahead and changed the name of your home stadium. As much as I can't stand Jimmy Buffet and the knobs that follow him, I can't help but think that this move is brilliant. It's a great way to get aging baby-boomers out to the ball park, as well as Generation X'ers and Y'ers. Everybody loves Buffet. Although I would imagine he will make more of an impact on the Dolphins rather than the Marlins. I suppose it doesn't matter, because the Marlins will get a new ball park in 2012. I order to court fans who suffer from a severe case of ADHD, they will have a swimming pool and deck to play in/on during their games. Tell me, why would you need a convertable roof in sunny Florida? Seems a bit excessive.

Brett Lawrie is learning the ropes at second base. This will certainly delay his rise to the BIGS. But what's the hurry? Especially if Rickie Weeks continues to play well. If anything, it gives Weeks a boot in the butt to get going. Likewise with Escobar patiently waiting for JJ Hardy to go on the DL or to be benched.

Milwaukee is favored tonight, by Vegas odds-makers. I foresee the Crew winning the series 2-1. Tonight will be rather close.

Ex-WoodChuck Steve Foster (bullpen coach) is doing a fine job in re-tooling the Marlin relievers. Thus far in to the season they have been pretty damn solid.

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