Monday, May 25, 2009

Brewers get bounced on the Twin Cities

The Minnesota Twins played textbook baseball this weekend and outscored the Crew 23-8. The hardest pill to swallow was having to listen to the ESPN crew cover the third game (Sunday's game). The three douche bags could not stop talking about the greatness that is Minnesota. Seldom did they discuss anything of significance regarding the Brewers. Joe this, Justin that, Joe did this, Justin is so great. Well noted, the two players go great with each other. But let's open the discussion up a little.

There's not much to talk about.

Mike Cameron did blast his 250th homerun of his career, officially making him a member of the 250-250 club. Again, the ESPN crew took a while to pick up on after he hit it.
This is a great achievement for a professional ball player.

Reversed Call

The home plate umpire in Sunday's game reversed a call, thanks impart to Ron Garden arguing with him. Joe Mauer was "struck" on the wrist by a Mitch Stetter pitch. At first the umpire thought it didn't hit the wrist. But Joe Mauer returned to the plate to show him the mark. Gard then broke out of the dugout to argue the ump. The call was then REVERSED. Macha was less successful in arguing his stance.


  1. Yost would have at least got thrown out.

  2. I agree with you. He would've. Macha seems too mild mannored.