Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Bill Hall Rules July/Cardinals

The month of July and Billy Hall go together like peas and carrots. Or like ebony and ivory, or like...whatever. Billy Hall is rake'n in the month of July. Last night was no exception when he blasted a home run to center field in the top of the ninth inning with two outs. That provided the go ahead run and delivered the Brewers their 6th straight win with a 4-3 victory.

Kyle Lohse pitched a damn good game for the Cards, but LaRussa left him in their too long. Then again, can you blame him with that bull pen? Lohse retained his record of 12-2 on the season dishing off the loss to another Kyle (McClellan) (2-5).

Jeff Suppan had decent first outing since coming back from the DL. He gave up 3 runs, which is below is high 4's ERA. He looked shaky at first giving up a homer and couple of other hits in the first inning. Similar to Monday's game, it took a while for our pitchers to get the feel of the ball down. Plus, the Cardinals are a team that strike early and then far late in to the game. Thus far only half of that scenario has been the case. Suppan only had 3 k's, 2 walks, and gave up 8 runs in the no-decision. In all, he didn't pitch all that bad. Even though most of us at home were grumbling in the first couple of innings.

Torres, once again, provided the fireworks at the end of the game by delivering his 18th save of the season. Brian Shouse, who was ripped apart by Jsonline blog readers that past couple of days, came up big and secured the win (4-1).

All but two Brewer batters had hits last night (Suppan and Cameron) in the starting line up. Impressive. Of course, Suppan broke the 6 game hit streak that Milwaukee's pitchers had going in to the game.

-Brewers signed Jay Gibbons from the Baltimore Orioles to a minor league deal. He likes 'roids.

-Finally, the Brewers are favored tonight (+110). However, this dueche bag doesn't buy it.

-Mitch Stetter was sent down to Nashville.....again. This bothers me some, considering the fact that we only now have Brian Shouse as the loan lefty in the bull pen. We need to go after some left handed relievers before the trade deadline.

-The Chicago Cubs lost last night to the D-Backs. I called that series win for Arizona now didn't I? Brewers are now 1 game out of first place! It will boil down to the four game series next week to see who will pull ahead.

-Did anyone see Prince Fielder smacking Billy Hall around like he was his prison mate, after the game? Man was he rough. Billy just a little guy Prince!


  1. I have noticed that you did not give Weeks any credit lately. Rickie has been "clutch" this series. And not to mention him is beyond me. But that's okay. Maybe tommorrow. Go Rickie Go!!!

  2. Rickie Weeks has had a decent 2 games...2! He's batting .219 now, he was batting .218 at the break.

    He did make up for Monday's costly error with some decent defensive plays last night.