Thursday, July 24, 2008

Vitamin CC

"What? We won 7 Straight Games? I'll be a son-of-a-bitch...throw me out then"

Nothing like winning the first two of a four game series against your division rival. Nothing like throwing your two aces at your foe in the final two games of the series. CC Sabathia, in only his fourth start for the Crew, pitched his third straight complete game. CC even had a no-hitter up until the 6th inning. Absolutely on fire! This guy will surely draw above Johan Santana dollars once the season is through.

That being said, CC struck out 7 batters last night and walked only 2. In all, our new ace threw a 3-hit complete game-shut out.

-Rickie Wees went 3 for 4. His batting average has risen to .226 for the season. Still below the average for lead off hitters. We will see if he can dig himself out of this whole.

-Corey Hart went o'fer. His average has dropped down to .284 on the season. He has not dipped below .280 since April.

-Ryan Braun his his 25th home run, JJ Hardy hit his 15th. JJ Hardy is batting in the .430's since the All Star break with 2 home runs.

-Milwaukee will look to extend it's longest winning streak on the road since1999! They are now .500 on the road this season; 15 games above .500 for the first time since '92! When we grow older and are talking with our grandkids, we may very well be talking about, "that summer back in '08". Milwaukee is favored once again (-128 money line).

-Eric Gagne is making progress on his pitching form, according to story.

-I know the lads over at RightField Bleachers and my friends in the Fox Valley will be happy to read this story. Look like talks between Appleton and the Brewers will heat up in September. You can pretty much count on the Brewers placing their low-(A) team in the Chute. Appleton's newspaper reported it here.

-Now Derrick Turnbow is going to AZ to have tests done on his arm. He doesn't know what's wrong with it. I do's called the post-steroid era for a reason.

-Sporting News is calling for the Brewers to stop waiting on Rickie Weeks to come around. I agree. Despite his recent burst of activity at the plate, he has been a virtual bust for the team since 2005.


  1. Okay i have to admit, i was intialy pissed at the last paragraph. However, i had time to think about it. And in conclusion: I love it that you bash Rickie "Clutch" Weeks. For the record, i think Weeks will have a great 2nd half at the plate. He's been good so far this year. He gets on base and scores; he finds to get on base. So why do i enjoy the bashing one might ask?
    Well that's easy. Team Wisconsin's track record the last month has been comletly wrong. First with Ned. I think he just might be out of the basement. Next trade J.J. and Billy? And on CC, HE WILL NOT BE A BREWER! So i thank you in advance for Weeks comments. I think you are on to something. This revise thing you got is brillant.
    Sure, you recently were right on with Prince's homerun and the Cubs lossing "on the road." was it luck? I don't think so. It's almost like sitting at McDonalds, waiting for a fat guy to walk up to the counter and predicting he'll order a Big Mac.

  2. Rat, Rat-a-tat-tat...

    I recanted my Sabathia statement a week later, prior to him being traded.

    I still think we should trade Hall.

    I would be lying if I said we should trade Hardy as well. He's playing great ball right now.

    Now go finish your need to graduate and move back to wausau.