Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Bogut and Bucks Agree On Contract Extension

Australian-born Andrew Bogut and the Milwaukee Bucks agreed on a 5 year extension at 72.5MM. Bogut, in his third year since being drafted overall as the number one pick, has been in practically demanding an extension the last couple of months. It appears the Hammond and Skiels felt he would be a good fit with Jefferson, Redd, and Alexander on this years roster. One thing I do like about Bogut is that he is a competitive rebounder who will run the floor. At times, he can be a bit of a sally in the paint and gets handled pretty well by the leagues centers. That being said, he's an effective 10-15' shooter who isn't afraid to drive and dish to the baseline (Redd). I wish I could comment more on his skills, but can't. I don't really watch the Bucks anymore nor do I follow the NBA. He now go play with his native team, the Boomers, in Bejing a rich(er) man.

I can't help but get excited about this season though. I feel that the Bucks have that blue-collar feel to them which is drawing some favorable comments by analysts/media. Thus far I have heard that Milwaukee walked away with the biggest steal in the draft in picking Alexander from West Virginia. One can also anticipate another big move in the next month or so. If only Larry Harris didn't waste all that money on Dan Gadzurich (sp?) and Charlie Bell. The latter being the biggest botch of the season, his scoring dropped down faster than Mike Vick in the prison showers. Waste. I am still not convinced that Moe Williams is a great fit either. Yes, he did have two career nights this past season in scoring (in the high 30's right?)...but is he a true point guard? Who knows. I for one will tune in and give them a chance in November. I used to be able to watch their games from start to finish, every game though out the season. I just have a bad feel of the league since the brawl between the Pistons and the Pacers back in 2004 or 05.

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  1. I know I bring this up all the time, but why do you hold that one incident against the league. There are fights in baseball all the time, and yeah I know it's between the teams but don't you think if Milton Bradley got pegged with a beer by a fan he would tear his head off. The guy went after a color commentator a while ago.