Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Brewers Lose A Tough One

Okay Brewer Nation...Back to reality here. Let's not lose focus of the scheduled goal, that's winning games at home against teams that are under .500! Seth McClung lost his second consecutive start last night with a 4-3. How does a rechid pitcher like...hold on....what's his name? Oh yeah, fricken Ubaldo Jiminez beat the competitive Brewers? With a road record of 0-6 coming in to Mondays game, one would think it would be a lock. Too bad for Milwaukee there were busy celebrating their "lock" to get in to the play offs with acquisition of CC Sabathia. It's games like this that make me wonder if Milwaukee has changed.

-Ubaldo (great name) gave up only 3 hits and no earned runs.
-McClung (5-4) allowed 3 hits as well, but 2 earned runs, 5 k's and as many walks. The Chaotic Celtic lasted only 4.3 innings.
-Manny Para was forced to pitch an inning last night, giving up 1 hit.

-Jeff Hardy continued his streak. He's batting .296 now.

Tonight, CC Sabathia (LHP/6-8) takes to the mound against Mark Redman (LHP/2-3)

-Jeff Suppan was put on the 15 day DL. Should only miss one start. He needs the break, as he has been blowing leads the last couple of starts.

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