Saturday, July 12, 2008

Time To Ditch The Retro Uniforms?

It was Napoleon Dynamite who thought his Uncle Rico lived to much in '82. Sometimes, so does Brewer Nation. Another Retro Friday has come and gone, and so has another loss. This time to the hands of the Cincinnati Reds (sub .500 team). Manny Para pitched another good game but just didn't have enough umph in the 7th to hold the Reds off. One could say it's because of his break in between outings, others could blame the horrid defense, and other could blame retro uniforms. I'm all for the ball n' glove logo as well as the blue and gold colors. But, it seems that everything the Brewers do today is compared to the 1982 team. They bring Sabathia over, they brought Rollie over. We have a kid who is batting .290 and is an All Star, so did the 1982 Brewers in Robin Yount. I could go on and on with the comparisons.

I for one have had enough of the Retro theme. Stop dwelling on something that happened a quarter-century ago and live in the

Regardless, the offense was certainly present last night however it's defensive counter-part stayed in the locker room.

Para gave up 3 earned runs, only 1 walk, and struck out 6 batters. Para (8-2 No Decision) pitched against a predominately left-handed line up. Out of the pen, there wasn't much to write home to mom about however...David Riske had the only decent inning in the 7th when he came in for Para. Riske struck out 1 and walked 1. The the leftie Shouse (1-3) came in and struggled and couldn't hang out allowing the go-ahead run that capped the roller coaster of an evening.

Fransisco Cordero was virtually lights out for the Reds last night. It's times like this that I wish we still had him if we want to make a run in the post season (or for it). Sadly, Cordero has been used minimally this season due to the Reds losing record.

Offensively, Ryan Braun let the team with a home run (23) and a timely double lifting his batting average to .290 on the season

Defensively, there were 3 costly errors that allowed the Reds to win. The biggest one was by Mike Cameron who seemed to be a little lazy in fielding a bouncer to center.

Other key contributors was Billy Hall, who has been on a tear as of late platooning at third with Russell Branyan. Hall blasted a double pinch hitting for Russell that drove in two runs.
Corey Hart also stayed hot with a double of his own that drove in a run. Hart was jammed and did a half swing that sent the ball sailing to right field.
I will be at the game tonight for a joint Bachelor-Bachelorette party. First time I've ever done one of these joint things. Look for a huge banner that says "Team Wisconsin". Or...look for one drunken fan.


-Jake Odorizzi made his first professional start at the AZ Rookie League. He went two innings not giving up a run, striking out 2, and no walks. Not too shabby. Now all we need to do is sign Lawrie! Hurry!

-The "player to be named" in the Sabathia trade, should be named pretty soon. Brantley or Green...Which one will it be?

-Matt Laporta update (don't click here if you want to keep him out of sight/out of mind).

I have a gut feeling that he will go on to be the cornerstone in the Indian's organization. He is a stud.

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