Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Brewers Get Ass Kicked

Chicago unleashed a fury of pain on the Milwaukee Brewers last night, most noteworthy being Benjamin Sheets. One of the NL's top pitchers was served a can of you know what by Carlos Zambrano (Bo Jackson Wannabe) and the Cubs.

Chicago leads the series 2-0. * My math was wrong, pointed out by K. The Brewers are 3 back.

Milwaukee had lead-off hitter after lead-off hitter reach first base and at times even advancing to second base, yet the Brewer bats were silenced by Carlos Zambrano (12-4). Hats off to the guy, he did in fact pitch one of his best games of his career. Anytime you pitch 8 shutout innings and allowing only 5 hits against the offensive powerhouse that is the Brewers, it has to be considered one of your best games in a career. His sidearm breaking ball was lights out. Enough on that.

Ben Sheets (10-4) must have had a flashback of the Dodger game back in April where he bombed big time. All together the grizzly co-ace gave up 11 hits, 6 earned runs, and had only 4 K's. Pretty bad.

You know what? GOOD. Get it out of your system ol' friend. Because from this point on you had better be point on. There is no wiggle room for piss-poor performances like this one last night if you want to go to the playoffs and sign a big contract in the off season. You're allowed 3 horrible performances a season where you get rocked. You have had your two, some may argue 3 when you add up your last starts since CC came over.

Sheets is in a slump. He will work out of it. I feel like he is forcing it too much, feeling that he has to match CC's success and overshadow him. Which is not the case. CC is a Cy Young ol' Ben. You my friend, are of YET! You very well could be.

Now even more pitiful then Ben Sheets pitching was the overall team hitting. Absent. That's okay though, bring it tonight.

-Mike Cameron, although he had a miserable error out in Centerfield, had two hits. He's batting .230 and should also be splitting time with Gabe Kapler. MC has the HR's and decent fielding skills, but is too inconsistent as of late. You can only defend the guy so many times.

-WTF? Jeff Samardzija was throwing 93 mph fastballs. Not bad for a kid who split time with AA and AAA. It appears that their farm system is looking pretty decent. The $300mm they spent a couple of seasons ago yielded some good results, but it appears that their farm system has also done its part in advancing the team.

-Michael Hunt of the Journal-Sentinel rips Milwaukee a new one. Take it easy. It's only late July.
As for his analysis on Rickie Weeks, he is dead on.
Ben Sheets in high profile games? What do you call the All Star game Mr. Hunt? Granted it was only a couple of innings, but he didn't succumb to the pressure then did he?

I do agree with his comments on Yost. I don't know if Ned thinks that we as fans are stupid as a whole or not...just tell how it is. Rickie Weeks sucks and should be passed on to someone else. We have spent too much time on the development of this player and it's provided us with little results. Ray Durham isn't the answer either. Perhaps we should take a last look at the trading block which is hours from ending.
Hopefully, Melvin is making flight arrangements for Mat Gamel come September, if not sooner.

-CC took out a full-page add in the Cleveland Plain to thank his fans.


  1. how do you figure they will be at least 2 games up? they are up 3 right now and the crew take the next 2 they will split and be back to 1 game behind just like when the series started.

  2. You and your math. I will correct that.