Monday, July 14, 2008

Brewers finish 6-4 on the home stand

CC Sabathia proved he was well worth the trade yesterday. The southpaw was lights out going the distance by pitching a complete game and giving up only 2 runs. CC (2-0) also went yard for the Crew putting them on the board after Cincinnatti scored 2 runs early on. Most impressive was CC giving up 1 walk and his performance in the ninth when he struck out the side (9 K's in the game) and gave the Brewers the last chance to win it. Which they did when Craig Counsell pinch-hit a liner to right field which was caught by Jay Bruce but allowed Billy Hall to score for the go-ahead run.

-Braun went o'fer
-I saw that Jason Kendall was best pick up in the offseason. Not to take any thing away from Kendall, but couldn't you put Gabe Kapler up there? Kendall is a defensive machine. Kapler can field and bat like a 25 year old. Gabe went 2-4 with an RBI (.315/season avg) with some timely hitting.

-Looks like Ben Sheets will get the start in tomorrow night's All Star Game. Congrats Ben!

-Laporta feels that the Brewers made the right move. I guess we won't know if this deal was bust or successful one until after the season. If the Brewers make it to the playoffs....I would imagine it was a success. But who knows what LaPorta will do in his career? The kid may be the DH by September for Cleveland.

-Las Vegas Odds Makers dropped the Brewers down to 12-1 odds that they will win the World Series with the addition of CC Sabathia. Impressive. Considering the fact that in June they were 40-1 a couple of weeks ago! Makes me wish that I would've dropped some coin down on them via BoDog. I fancy College Football betting however.

-Early look at the match up in San Fransisco, the start of a 7 game road trip.

-Jeff Suppan will be off the DL and ready to start in San Fransisco.

-Mat Gamel didn't have any hits but walked twice for the United States Team when they took on the World team in the Futures Game.

-MLB.COM says Mat Gamel would be a great addition to the team come September (expanded rosters) or in the coming seasons, however his defense seems to be the only thing holding him back. Who says Ned Yost can't turn that around? Look what he did with Rickie Weeks? Now that kid can field but can't hit worth a crap. But his D is solid. A bad example of this is Billy Hall (17 errors), however, I guess I would have a hard time adjusting if I was shifted all over the field by my team.


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