Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Opening Day has come and gone. The bus loads of drunken amature-fans has now left the parking lots of Miller Park. Aside from the cars left over-night by those who were too intoxicated to drive home after the game, it serves a reminder to the fans of Milwaukee that some things never change....like the circus that comes to Miller Park every Opening Day...and...

Case in point: Milwaukee stranding 11 base runners while collecting 12 hits. This being their thorn in their collective side in the 2009 season.

Greg Zaun had a horrid night at the plate going 0-4 and leaving 3 runners on base.
Jim Edmonds, who started over Corey Hart, left 5 runners on base and collected only 1 hit.
Meanwhile, Braun & Fielder left 6 total runners stranded.

Granted, it wasn't all doom and gloom. Carlos Gomez made his Brewers debut by collecting the team's first HR of the 2010 season and going 4 for 5 (meanwhile, JJ Hardy went 1 for 4).

Prince Fielder came inches away from going yard. It ended up being a double.

Ken Macha left me wondering "what the hell is he thinking?". Gomez collected the only SB for Milwaukee. There were two occassions, from what I remember, where Rickie Weeks was on 2B and Gomez was on 1B...yet Weeks didn't steal. He got a jump on one pitch, but that was a foul ball. With that being said, I understand the difficulty of putting runners in jepordy when the 1-2 punch is coming up to bat. Why risk getting an out when you already have a runner in scoring position? I still think that Milwaukee will need to be aggressive on the base path in order for them to compete with the Cardinals and Reds this season. It's only one game, but I thought for sure that there would be at least 3 SB's.

On the other hand, Macha was brilliant in calling for a bunt when Ryan Braun was up to bat later in the game. Braunie executed a somewhat-decent bunt that 3B Stewart fudged, thus resulting in runners at the corners for Prince Fielder. Not one single Rockies infielder expected that bunt!

Despite Yovanni Gallardo struggles (7 hits and 3 ER), he did only walk 2 batters and struck out 5. Chalk this one up to Opening Day jitters. Kudos to the pitching coach Rick Peterson and Ken Macha for only using 2 pitchers during the game. Chris Narveson pitched 2 complete and gave up a run and a walk. It's nice to have a couple of starting pitchers in the pen.

There was some good news yesterday.....the Cubs lost to the Braves 16-5 in their worst Opening Day loss in 126 years....pure awesomeness. Even better was the fact that Carlos Zambrano got whipped badly!

Apparently contract talks with Prince Fielder are still going-on in to the season. The brass is keeping pretty quiet
MLB.com has a new "recap" for each game that's played. Pretty sweet charts and video clips.

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