Thursday, April 1, 2010

Opening Day is 5 Days Away!

The beloved Brew Crew is on their way back to Milwaukee! Tomorrow night they will take on the Detroit Tigers in exhibition play at Miller Park.

Chris Narveson & Manny Parra have been sent to the bull pen today. Too bad, I really thought (on paper) that Narveson would be named the #5 starter. Ken Macha's thinking is that he doesn't need a starter until April 14th. So that will allow some time to sort this matter.

"He has a tendency to stay with guys who have been here throughout camp because you know what you've got. That is, unless it's an upgrade. With that being said, he's still checking out some things." -Ken Macha on Doug Melvin

Ken Macha might be on to something here. Do I see him pulling off a trade to start the season? One never knows with ol' Doug. Considering the fact that Suppan is owed 12MM+ this season, who in their right mind would take that on? So....that leaves me with the thought of Parra getting packaged (perhaps with Hart)....It appears that Milwaukee showed some interest in Jermaine Jackson...I mean Dye as well.

This STORY goes out to all those morons who argue that Milwaukee needs to increase it's payroll......They ranked 4th in the MLB in spending this off-season. Take that and smoke it.
As a fan faithful, I'm happy that we have solid ownership.

Although Macha hasn't set his line-up yet for Opening's looking like Jim Edmonds is going to start over Corey Hart. Considering the fact that this choke artist has gone 7-52 this spring.....This, I personally like. Hart needs to check himself. It's looking like his rant against the fans back in 2008 is going to haunt him for years to come. What a nice thank-you to us fans for voting him in to the All Star game.

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