Tuesday, April 6, 2010

News bits

Randy Wolf will make his Brewers debut tonight vs Greg Smith of the Rockies. Let's hope that this goes smoother than the last time a new pitcher made his debut after signing a huge contract!
(Jeff Suppan's 2007 debut against the Dodgers that resulted in a loss )

Corey Hart is starting in RF tonight. Hopefully it's the start of a resurgence....I truly hope so.
Oddly enough....Macha has Hart batting in the 7th spot and Zaun in the 6th.

Interesting note on MLBTraderumors.com this afternoon. General Manager Billy Beane was interviewed by Athletics Nation where he commented on the fact that if his Athletics aren't contending prior the trade deadline, he would be open to trading his top players....which would include Ben Sheets. I said it when he was first signed....I would not be shocked to see Ben Sheets back in Milwaukee if the Crew was in the hunt. Stranger things have happened. Yes...it is a long shot.

The Wisconsin Timber Rattlers have a plethora of young pitchers on their team to start off the season. Rising stars like Eric Arnett, Karl Heckathorn, Jake Odorizzi, and Maverick Lasker. Should be exciting to see all of those hopefuls playing just up the road from Milwaukee this summer.

Ryan Braun opened his new restaurant last night after the game. It's the old Fratello's that's located on the river in the Third Ward. A pretty damn cool location that has a lot of potential but little parking. That shouldn't matter though. An old friend of mine from Wausau created the bar, among other things (pictured below). He runs a team called Invidia Design out of Milwaukee.

Seems as though the old storied rivalry from the 70's is coming back in to the picture! Back when the Brewers played in the AL EAST their main rival was actually the Yankees! Believe it or not. Well, it appears that Yankees president Randy Levine is lashing back at Milwaukee Brewers' principle owner Mark Anttanasio today while doing a phone interview with ESPN New York. Attanasio has gone public a couple of times now complaining about the size of NY's payroll. It's evident that he's still pissed off that the Yanks came right in and swept CC Sabathia away prior to the 2009 season. As can be expected, Mr Levine likes to bring up the revenue sharing program and even goes as far as questioning Attanasio about how he uses all that money....Wisely enough, ESPN points out the huge market share that the Yankees play for (10 million+ people) and Milwaukee's (2 million +).

It should also be noted that Mark Anttanasio donated 1MM to local causes today.

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