Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Milwaukee gave up a NL leading 207 HR's in 2009, finishing only 2nd to the Kansas City Royals in the MLB (218).

Thus far in to the season, Milwaukee has already given up a league-leading 13 HR's. (

The team's earned run average is a horrific 5.52 going in to today's game.

I'm going to call it....Jeff Suppan will pitch a damn good game on Thursday (first start of the season). He will give up no-more than 3 runs.

-Here is a nice summary on why Prince Fielder probably won't be playing much longer in Milwaukee by Tom Oates of I failed to realize that Ryan Howard, Albert Puhols, and Adrien Gonzalez are all hitting the market at the same time. Now granted, if for some strange and unknown reason Philly and the Cards are unable to lock up their players to contract extensions....well then, that could keep Princes' asking price down. But that's not going to happen. You can count on Gonzalez and Fielder hitting the market and the latter probably demanding a higher price. If anything, depending on the price, Gonzalez might be a good target? Although it's highly doubtful with the Brewers working hard on developing players like Brett Lawrie in to a first baseman. We also need to realize that Attanasio & Melvin aren't why did they trade away Matt LaPorta (CC package) if they knew they had no shot of keeping Fielder? Of course, who would have thought that Prince would average 39 HR's and 110 RBI's in his first 4-years of service...not to mention, play every single game in 2009. There are some factors that could lead to him staying, but they probably hold no weight.

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