Friday, April 9, 2010

Cardinals are coming...

Milwaukee and St. Louis share the same record going in to the first show down of the young season. Tonight we will see Dave Bush facing Kyle Lohse (RHP); HERE are the probable starters for the other two games.

Yovanni Gallardo signed a new contract with the Brewers yesterday. HERE are the details.
Nice to see Melvin getting this done. Save the biggest for last?

You want a good laugh this morning? READ THIS. Apparently Drew Olson from had a discussion with Jeff Suppan earlier this week. During that talk Suppan blamed the pillows he was using at his condo in Arizona (spring training). He even had to use a "rolled up towel". Brian Anderson (FSWisconsin) had a good chuckle about that in his booth with Rock,
"For $40 million, there could be a pillow store, you know, nearby" (the team's spring training complex in Arizona), Anderson said.
Almost simultaneously, Bill Schroeder — deposited his two cents.
"I was thinking that myself," Schroeder said. "You could get the greatest pillow of all time for the money these guys are bringing in."

"You could hire somebody to BE a pillow for you."
Schroeder, still incredulous, suggested that Suppan just use a pillow from home.
"Man. Jam it in your suitcase if you're worrying about his leaving it back in Phoenix," Schroeder said. "I'll take it back for him."
He also wasn't buying Suppan's cheap, vaguely homeopathic solution for the sleep discomfort.
"A rolled-up towel? I mean, you do that after a frat party in college, dontcha?" Schroeder said. "I mean, c'mon Soup."

Nice job Rock, tell it like it is!

Rob Parker of ESPN New York is a moron....HERE is why. Sorry Mr. Parker, but the Brewers have yet to win a title in their 40 years of existance. You compare them the "big-market Cubs" and argue that they don't wine about not having won a championship. They also have 9 x's the market! Moron.

Despite the Brewers being on the verge of hitting 3 million fans for 3 straight years....and Forbes Magazines' announcement that their value is rising....Attanasio is still budgeting for a loss this season!

Trevor Hoffman has 2 saves already in the first series. Only a couple more before he reaches 600!

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