Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Milwaukee took game 2 last night and snapped a 7-game losing streak to the Rockies. Milwaukee's prized off-season signing made his debut last night. Randy Wolf had an excellent spring and he looked to carry that over to the regular season. It was an uphill struggle during his 6 and 2/3 innings however; giving up 9 hits, 4 earned runs, a homerun, and 0 walks. Most importantly, he fanned 8 Rockies...which isn't too shabby for the seasoned lefty. His biggest mistake was leaving one hanging for Ian Stewart to crush out of the park in Left-Center (2nd in as many games for Stewart). The one-man wolf pack was none too excited about his performance either. It was a perfect start, but drastically better than the previous big new comer, Jeff Suppan and his debut in 2007. I like to compare these two's a good way to tell if Wolf is worth all the money.
Casey McGehee led the Brewers with a towering 3-run hommer in the 1st inning to give the Crew the early lead.
He along with Prince Fielder had 2 hits a piece (Prince had a double). Weeks & Braun both collected singles.
Weeks had a SB.
*Corey Hart went ofer (he did walk though), Greg Zaun was ofer as well (0-4). Edmounds pinched hit for LaTroy Hawkins in the 8th and left runners stranded.
Milwaukee kept their shirts tucked in....apparently that fad left Milwaukee with Cameron.
Sadly enough, I was unable to see this game because FSWisconsin was televising the Bucks clinching a play-off spot. I would imagine that the Bucks' playoff schedule will also boot Brewers' games from their time slots in May. That's okay with me though. It's nice to see the Bucks winning even with out Bogut.
Jeff Suppan is going to be the #5's practically a gimme. He is going to make a minor league start and then probably take to the mound in a week or so.
Mark Attanasio responded to NY Yankees' president (Levine) about his whining comments. Although this whole argument is quite's nice to see Attanasio defend his use of revenue sharing dollars. I don't think there's a baseball fan out there (outside of the Boston, NY, or Chicago...and Philly who can't help but side with Milwaukee's owner).

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