Wednesday, April 21, 2010

6-7: Bush earns the rotation a win!

Finally.....a starting pitcher for the Crew had a good outing. Not just "good", I should say excellent. This only hours after posted a story about Rick Peterson saying that he's close to fixing the problems Milwaukees hurlers. Well then, alrighty.

Granted, last night's victory came against the woeful Pirates. But taking a closer look at the Bucs one can see that they were ahead of the Crew in the NL Central; this despite giving up a butt load of runs.

Dave Bush tossed 7 innings giving up only 3 hits, 4 walks, and only 2 k's. He is now 1-0 on the season and a nifty 2.41 ERA. Honestly, he is certainly due for a break-out season. It was supposed to happen last year....until a took a liner off his arm in the first half of the season. C'mon man, the guy came so damn close a no-hitter in Philly....

Narveson and Parra each contributed an inning of relief, with Narv-dog giving up the only run.

Offensively the Crew was dominant at the plate from the get-go against a horrid Charlie Morton. Prince Fielder continued his slump however by going 0-4. Soon, very soon this man will ignite. Again, he's looking to kill the ball instead of making contact.
Zaun went 0-5
Weeks, Edmonds, and Gomez each had 2 hits. Weeks had a triple.
Corey Hart hit his 2nd HR of the year.

Keeping an eye on pinch hitters for Milwaukee (piss poor in 2009), Inglett and Gerut went 0-1 each. This area needs to improve drastically.

Tonight, Carlos Gomez returns to the line-up in CF.

Milwaukee finally won their first game of a series in 2010. Ugh.

Prince Fielder is a Home Run hitter who has yet to record a HR thus far. Odd.

Braden Looper is throwing for the Cubs in a (sort of) try out. He could be used in the bullpen or in the rotation. Although Ted Lilly is going to be back soon.

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