Wednesday, April 28, 2010

9-11: Make that 3 straight blown saves at home for Hoff...

"He's the all-time saves leader," Brewers manager Ken Macha said after Hoffman surrendered five runs in a 7-3 loss to the Pirates. "I mean, I think he's got a pretty good feel for what he's doing out there."
Ken Macha to Adam McCalvy
So with that being said, don't count on Trevor Hoffman being stripped of his closing duties anytime soon. HERE is a good breakdown by McCalvy on Trevor's pitching woes....
I don't know how he does it, but the greatest closer of all time has just blown 3 straight saves at home. Even worse, the man gave up on his change-up (cornerstone pitch for Hoff) and he allowed 2 home runs last a solo shot to the fluffy Ronny Cedano and the other to a d-bag named Lastings (stupid name player who will be a stud) who belted a grand slam. Let's face it....I think the world of Trevor Hoffman. But the guy is trying to break out of this slump with ALL FAST BALLS! I'm sorry, but a fastball in the mid 80's is not gonna cut it.

Here's how you fix it. You send him to the 15 day DL and hope that he can correct it. Make up some bush league excuse (stiff back) and stick him on there. Hand the closing role duties to LaTroy Hawkings (not much better as of late) and see what happens. If that fails, why not try something new with Todd Coffey or even Carlos Villanueva? Whatever the case is, this needs to be fixed by May 1. Why? I don't know why....I just know that the first month of the season is coming to a close and Macha is still shuffling the line-up around and has yet to solve the problem that is the closing position. I truly hope that Hoff can snap out of this, but I have a looming fear that he might be done. If that's the case, then you almost have to put him on the 60-day. Of course, I'm shooting from the hip here. I don't really know the rules on 60 day-DL stints. I do know however that players get placed all the time on the 15-day DL in order to get some rest and to snap out of a cold streak.
George Kottarus (I pronounce his name wrong all the time) is showing the Boston Red Sox what they gave up on.....he belted his 2nd HR of the season last night and played a pretty damn good game catching for Randy Wolf. The young catcher seem to call a good one and he also made some good stops. He was also walked last night as well.

Prince Fielder went yard for only the 2nd time this season. It would be nice to see Prince hit 2 HR's this month yet (3 days left). Although, in years past he's always had a slow start on the long ball.

Randy Wolf tossed a good game last night that was all for naught. He lasted 8 innings (2010 record thus far), giving up a dreaded 10 hits but only 2 earned runs, 1 walk, and a HR.
He showed his durability last night by lasting 116 pitches.

The brainiacs at Chicago Tribune feel that Prince Fielder will be on the market come July. I don't see it happening. Not until next season.....right? Imagine what they could get for him in return....I enjoy just thinking about it. Perhaps they could put together a 3-team trade and fill their ranks. Of course, this means them throwing in the towel for the 2010 campaign.

Chris Narveson will make his first start of the 2010 season, replacing Suppan. Easy enough go out there and get it done young man!

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