Wednesday, April 28, 2010

9-12: Trevor blows another save....Ken Macha needs to go.

That's it....I am officially calling for Ken Macha to be fired. Today was the last straw.
Unbelievable how dumb this man is. Why in the hell would you allow Trevor Hoffman to close the damn game when LaTroy Hawkins just pitched a stellar 8th inning? Thus risking the possibility of Hoffman blowing YET another save and potentionally facing extra innings....when you're about to depart for a long and highly difficult road trip to the dreaded West Coast?!?!?

Trevor Hoffman blew another save this afternoon. This time was no different; he basically left a fastball right over the plate for (yet again) Ryan Doumit to send over the RF fence (barely, so it sounded like by Uecker). Unbelievable. This is worse than Gagne ala 2008. Why? Well, he didn't give up multi-long balls over such a short span of time.

Meanwhile, LaTroy Hawkins provided a sigh of relief (get it?) by notching a perfect 8th inning that set-up Hoffman's meltdown. He recorded 2 strike outs and a ground out. This good feeling lasted only a half of inning however. My guess is that Macha will give Hoffman the opportunity to close games in San Diego. If that explodes in his face and Hawkins continues to pitch remotely decent....Hoffman will go to the DL. It's a given. Too much at stake (this early in the season).
Attendance could start to drop, in my opinion, if the fans know that Hoffman will blow up any sort of game he's involved in.

What's even crappier about this whole situation? The Crew still has to fly-out to San Diego tonight for a 4-game series in San Diego that starts tomorrow! Even cooler is that they lose 2 hours in travel. This after they depleted their bullpen by using 6 relievers.

SO YES....I'm calling for Ken Macha's head.

Chris Narveson tossed a pretty decent game too! He gave up 3 earned runs in 5 hits in 5 innings of play. The bullpen (Villy, Coffey, and Hawkins) did their part, leading up to Hoff. They threw 3 scoreless frames allowing only 2 stinking hits.

Fielder went 0 for 5
Gomez and Hart each homered.
Gomez also doubled.

Casey McGehee will miss the San Diego series due to a birth of his child. Congrats to that stud.

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