Thursday, April 15, 2010

3-5: LaTroy Hawkins gets lit up

Well, thankfully I didn't get to watch yesterday's debacle because I had to work.

It's too damn bad that David Bush had a win stripped from him after putting together a pretty damn good outing. He gave up 2 earned runs on 7 hits, ZERO WALKS, 2 SO's, and tossed only 77 pitches.

Todd Coffey then came in to relieve Chris Narveson (who gave up a run after relieving Bush) and completely stopped the bleeding, stranding 3 men on base. Outstanding hold by burly beast.

Well, that was all thrown down the shitter with one horrific inning by LaTroy Hawkins. He gave up 4 runs on 3 hits. Just like that Bushs' efforts was tossed in the garbage and Milwaukee lost the series to Chicago.

Too bad, considering that Milwaukee had a pretty good day at the plate. Despite not having a HR, Milwaukee had 3 seperate players hit doubles and 1 that hit a triple (Escobar's first!). Carlos Gomez turned it around by going 2 for 4 (one was a bunt). Alcides Escobar went 3 for 4 and led all Milwaukee hitters.

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  1. Unfortuntly I had to watch the game. Their comes a point in the 8th inning where Hawkins needed to get pulled. Even with the two outs his pitch count was high and could capitalize on two strike. I put the loss on Smacha.