Tuesday, April 13, 2010

3-4: Doug Davis get lit up....

Horrible....horrible game yesterday down at Wrigley. Thankfully, the Crew has the day off today to lick their wounds from their latest ass kicking.

Okay, that's off my my chest. Man...did they look bad yesterday. With that being said, it's only the second week of baseball. What concerns me is how well the Cardinals are playing. They could be this year's version of the LA Dodgers (2009). I could certainly see the Cards jumping to a double-digit lead in the NL Central. The season is young though.

Doug Davis was slapped around the friendly confines all afternoon....scratch that....he didn't last the whole afternoon, he only lasted 3.1 innings; pathetically giving up 7 hits, 6 earned runs, 2 HR's, and 2 walks.

Oddly enough, the bullpen threw pretty damn well. Although the game was pretty much out of reach. The only mistake was Claudio Vargas giving up a 2-run homerun.

Rickie Weeks extended his hitting streak to 7 games, going 1 for 4.
Ryan Braun homered in back-to-back games. That's always nice to see.

-Apparently Albert Puhols urged Jim Edmonds to make a comeback with the Crew.
"I hate to see him playing against us in the division," Pujols said.
"He's always going to be a Cardinal forever."

-Greg Zaun is approaching Brad Nelsons' 2009 mark of 0-21. In fact, he could hit that milestone tomorrow. Jonathon Lucroy is hitting .389 and is 7 for 18 in 4 games. What do you do when you have a veteran player in Greg Zaun who's sucking it up big time and a back-up catch (Kottares) who's playing pretty damn well? Especially if Lucroy continues his tear in Huntsville? You can't leave him down there forever.

Is it just me, or is the Catcher position really beginning to take shape as a place for future power hitters? Look no further than the Molina brothers, Joe Mauer, and Victor Martinez....but also take a peek at the Future Stars like Matt Weiter, Bryce Harper and Buster Posey. It must be nice to have a Catcher who could hit 3rd or 5th in your lineup. Heck, Brett Lawrie was even drafted as a catcher.


  1. I think that it is only fair to pull Zaun after the next couple of games (if he goes hitless) for the rest of the road games. I am actually hoping he doesn't get a hit until Miller Park. He deserves a standing ovation when he reaches the significant milestone.

  2. that's a tough call. Although he is a career back-up catcher. My guess is that he'll snap out of it. He has to. He's a veteran and knows what to expect.

    My question is what to do with Lucroy? he's tearing it up so far (granted, it's only a week). If continues to play well, you almost have to cut ties with Kottares to make room. OR, you just let Lucroy mature more down in the minors.
    I'm sick of not having a catcher who can hit. The ONLY glimpse of a catcher who could hit over the past decade was pathetic-Chad Moeller and his cycle that he hit. That's it. Kendall was horrible with the bat...but at least he could stop a f*$cking wild pitch.