Friday, April 30, 2010

9-13: Doug Davis has a good couple of innings...then BAM!

Thank goodness I feel asleep at the end of the 2nd inning last night. I was beat from doing yard work and playing with my kids. I also watched the Hills (wife's show) and that got me all hot and heavy as well. So by the time that hell show was done, I had to hit the hay.

I was able to catch the first two innings of the Crew game last night. Man...did they look good in those two innings. I shouldn't say "they", rather Doug Davis looked good. He was on a tear.

Well...............That didn't last long I see. Doug Davis could turn out to be one of the worst signings Doug Melvin made since coming to Milwaukee. Granted, only time will tell. But thus far in to his SECOND boring campaign, he has been worth absolute shit.

Doug Davis is now known as the starting pitcher who can't last more than 4 innings; exactly what Milwaukee didn't want to happen. After all, he's an "innings eater" isn't he? Bullshit.

Good news though....Trevor Hoffman is still our closer.

Here's the deal with Milwaukee right now. Their pitching is absolutely worthless. Besides an occasional strong start by Yovanni and Wolf and a few bright spots in the pen, the overall pitching is pathetic. The offense is still there. Despite getting shut-out for the second time last night, their bats are still well-equipped and they are putting up runs (NL leading 126 runs) and have the 2nd best overall batting average (.278, next to SF Giants), the Crew's run support can't keep up with the amount of runs the pitchers are giving up....this isn't rocket science. All this while Prince Fielder is struggling at the plate (2 hr's/.250 or so batting avg). Despite the fact that they are going through a horrific slump with their pitching rotation and in the pen, Milwaukee still isn't the worst pitching team in the sir...they are 13th (out 16 teams in the NL)worst for team pitching. So it could get even darker, like Pittsburgh Pirates kind of bad.
This West Coast road trip is going to really put a lot of stress on the bullpen. Dave Bush should be able to go 6 or maybe even 7 innings tonight. Yovanni Gallardo throws tomorrow for the Crew, but his pitch count has been limited and he typically only lasts 6 innings...nothing more. The next two games will play a vital role in how Milwaukee does on this trip and both depends on how deep the starting pitching can go. Last night can honestly be a wash. It's a loss, but DD giving up 9 singles in one inning doesn't happen too often. Not to mention the team just got done travelling and the day prior was a full day's worth of baseball (14 innings).
Regardless, Milwaukee sure did struggle in San Diego last season (lost the series) and they are hurting now. The odd thing is that they still haven't had to deal with any injuries. Despite Jim Edmonds bad back, their hasn't been too many barring injuries. Imagine what this team will look like if a Rickie Weeks went out with a wrist injury or Wolf's shoulder giving out (he is known as Mr. Tommy John you know).
The good news is that Milwaukee doesn't have to play San Fransisco on this road trip! Instead, they play the lowly Padres, the powerless DBacks, and the team with no direction....the Dodgers. This could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. They have to return home with a winning record because they face Atlanta and Philly when they get back home (May 10-12/14-16). So, it could actually get worse, before it gets better. Milwaukee finishes May playing Cincy, Pittsburgh, and Houston on a soft note (the NL Central was pathetic in April, aside from the Cards who are 15-7). However, the schedule also throws in Florida, Mets, and the Twins as well.

Good luck to Bob Uecker today! His sugery is scheduled for this morning!

Milwaukee has sold 2 million tickets so far this season. This is right on track with 2009, when they sold 3 million. The last 1 million is going to be the hardest, although they should pull it off.

Deservedly so, the Milwaukee Brewers Racing Sausages were ranked the 5th most likable mascot in all of sports, by Forbes Magazine. Mark my words, next year at this time when Forbes does this ranking again...Bango Buck better be on that damn list. That damn buck is insane.

I read some where, forgot the source, that the Cleveland Indians are the most hated team in baseball.....are you kidding me? How off is that ranking? Nobody cares about the Indians. If anything, people still like them from the days of Major League (movie). The Yankees were 5th or 6th and the Red Sox were 2nd. The whole "study" is a load of crap.

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